Entrepreneurship Tips

I’m Just getting into studying entrepreneurship more and more, because it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be from what you see on Tv, movies, or those dumb Memes you see on fb (facebook). So it got me interested.

These are just a couple of the things i think are rather interesting/new to me, might even be new to you and go against the social thought of how “successful” people are.

*”Financial success doesn’t happen over night”- People think you have this one idea and you make make a lot of money off of it lol, but its more like a crop you plan not a light switch you just turn on. Not saying that one idea couldn’t get you rich (which is possible). Success takes time.

*Economy Evolution- Back then there was more of a plan out “system”. Go to school>Get a job>Get promoted>and.. that’s it. Now a days there are more ways to do things. The entry level for a business is lower due to having access to all these resources available to us.

*Living in a knowledge society- we live in a value (knowledge) base society, the more you know the more valuable you are to certain people, because when you think about it anyone can learn to use a shovel as appose to learning something hard. Shovel= easy, and replaceable. Knowledge= value and harder to find.

*Express your Niche- Meaning just be you. Ask yourself, how can you be more yourself? ex. you like to travel, speak your mind ect. Doing this kinda makes you become an authority figure and helps you target certain people.

*Fulfillment comes from constant Growth- You’ll want to keep growing, getting better, develop your product, skills to the next level. Once you get everything you wanted, its like… ok…. what do i do next. but when you continue to grow and get better you’ll see that the process of whatever it is you’re doing is what brings about that happiness within you.

Just a couple of things I wanted to share, hope you enjoyed them. till next time Enjoy πŸ™‚







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