How to make a workout Routine #basic

Just want to keep this simple so here are some stuff to consider when planning out a workout routine, primarily weights to make yourself a routine for now and the future. 🙂

The way you train will give you a certain result depending on how you train.

Things to conciser when training 

  • Volume (sets & reps)
  • Intensity (weight, how hard)
  • Rest time
  • Tempo (seconds to lift and put back down)
  • How much you train

lets break this shet down!


                                                      SETS       REPS

Endurance —————————– 2-3  —-  12 or more

hypertrophy (muscle growth)—— 3-6  —–  6-12

Strength——————————— 2-6  —–  6 or less

power———————————— 3-5  —— 1-5

REPS are how many time you’re gonna lift the weight 1,2,3,4 and so on. SETS are a series of reps.

Example, you lift the weight 12times (reps) those 12 together makes 1 set.

Endurance– is to keep working for a long period of time, like marathon runners. Hypertrophy– is building muscle, getting tone, growth. Strength– more neurological, getting stronger controlling the muscles better, Power– to me is the same as strength but heavier.


You want to amount of weight or workout you’re doing to be heavy enough that you are hitting those rep ranges. If you do more than the rep rang then you need to add more weight. If you’re doing less, you need to take off weight.

Rest time

Endurance- 30 secs or less

Hypertrophy- 30secs – 1min 30secs

strength & power- 2-5 mins

this is the time you rest in between sets.


Concentric- 2-3secs

Eccentric- 3-4secs

The tempo is how fast you lift the weight (concentric) and how slow you put the weight down (eccentric). For strength and power it’s not so much keeping the tempo its more of just how fast you can get the weight up so don’t worry to much about tempo in those unless you’re training for something specific.

How much you train

Generally people who are starting I’d recommend 2 or 3 days a week to start building habit and let your body adjust.

Endurance type training depending on the intensity 3-5 days a week.

Hypertrophy want to train each muscle twice a week.

For the higher intensity workouts like power 1-2 days a week for that exercise..

How much you train will vary with your scheduled, fitness goals, and other factors these are just some basics to give you an idea on how to get started 🙂

So I hope this helps some people comment if you have a question and ill answer it the best I can, and enjoy 😉