Reasons why you’re probably not sleeping

Notes on a book called sleep by Joey Lott

Pretty much what this book talks about is the negative effects of sleep deprivation and what we can benefit from actually getting the sleep we need.  And how getting the enough sleep over time can have a positive effect on our lives, plus some tips on sleeping.

Sleep can solve a lot of problems we have physically, mentally, emotionally, and other ways.  Even though they may not fixed everything, it lays down foundation for good health and well being.

Consequences of sleep debt

The bad side of not getting enough sleep

  • Immunity goes down
  • Healing goes down (no gains) :[
  • Interference with hormone balance
  • Poor performance
  • Slow response time
  • Poor execution skills
  • Decreased memory

You can imagine not getting enough sleep, compounding into bigger problems.

How much sleep

So adults should be getting around 7-9 hrs of sleep each night, teens need more, and even younger kids more still. We have a natural Circadian cycle (natural clock) of 24hrs 11mins, when our biological clock is in tune with the environment night and day it helps

  • Healthy appetite
  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Cognitive function
  • Hormone balance

And when it is out of wack those things don’t work too well, or to their full potential.

Here’s a short vid I found that explains it pretty well J


For the body to make melatonin (sleep hormone) it needs to be able to tell how long the day is, it uses light cues! It needs two things to do that.

  • Eyes need exposed to bright light
  • Eyes must get minimal light when sun sets

The bright light tells the body Yo it’s time to get shet done, this natural light from the sun is far brighter than any electric lights produce so you need at least 30mins to an 1hr whenever possiblewWithout sunglasses.

If you work at night or can’t get enough light one option could be bright light therapy, where you shine a bright ass light at yourself for an hour a day or more. Light has to be 2,500 Lux which I don’t really know what that is haha.

Second part to produce melatonin you need darkness….. sorry for ppl who are scared of the dark but it’s for your own good. You need darkness, there are lights all around us now phones, alarm clocks ect. But particular concern is blue and green leds because they’re powerful enough to interfere with melatonin production. You can wear blue blocking glasses to help. Nutrition and lifestyle also play a role in melatonin as well Check out healthy foods list for help. (;

When to sleep

Sleep is most restorative when it is sync with the natural light- dark rhythms of the earth….. sounds super hippie but its true lol

Our body form a schedule based on cues from the environment. Ex. If you wake up on the weekend two hours later than usual, your body will try to adjust to sleeping that way. When the weekend is over your body will try to sleep two extra hours. So it’s generally better to get up on a regular time, except when you’re sick or need extra sleep.

Nutrition for sleep

Nutrition is important in sleep something that influences sleep is eating enough calories. It helps to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling good. I imagine after eating a big meal how I feel sleepy that’s what it made me think of.

Short term fasting (not eating) actually reduced melatonin production common among those who under eat is that stress hormones peak early in the morning! So make sure you eat plenty, something fast digestible like sugar, white bread can help or even honey. With a bit of salt to suppress stress hormone production and could help get to sleep.

Carbs provide glucose which is one fuel source for the body, the brain requires glucose. When you fail to eat enough carbs your body will make glucose from other things to keep brain functioning. Liver holds about 100grams glucose as glycogen if the liver isn’t supplied, it’s possible to interrupt sleep out of fear of running out of brain fuel.

Sleep apnea

Breathing through your mouth when you’re sleeping, could come from a habit of doing it when you’re awake. Alcohol consumption is linked to it as well as low melatonin from alcohol, small amounts are usually not a problem. Position you sleep in, sleeping on your side helps reduce apnea. Weight could also attribute to apnea

Psychological stress

Kinda a catch 22, when you can’t sleep because you’re stressed, and you’re stressed because you can’t sleep haha

Can come from not eating enough or just things you can’t get off your mind. One thing you can try is PMR progressive muscle relaxation. Pretty much focusing on each muscle and making it relax; I see it as meditation pretty much.


Pretty much

  • Make it a priority to get what you need
  • Try to get enough bright light during the morning waking up. If you can’t try light therapy.
  • Next limit bright lights in the evening at lease for 1hr before bed
  • Make sure you’re eating at least 2500 calories per day (real foods), but its different for everyone

Blue blocking glasses at night

Other things you can try is Soak in Epsom salt bath, you can buy it at the dollar store for a buck just don’t snort it like bath salts.

And if you urinate a lot limit things that make you pee a lot like alcohol, coffee ect. It could also be from inflammation, could try turmeric they have it at Wal-Mart if that don’t work probably go to the doctor to get checked.

Well hope you got some knowledge out of this to help you and others sooo enjoy ;P