How to Tell Your Body Type, For Better Training & Eating (video)

For those that follow and subscribe sorry i forgot to post Wednesday, so that’s why i post today! I try to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday usually or Saturday depending what fuckery we did Friday night. Friday/Saturday is more of just sharing what i do for fun or videos of us working out πŸ™‚

Anyways I want to Go into the 3 different body types! Ectmorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph

Some people know about these some don’t the ones that don’t are not utilizing their body to the full potential. So reading this should help you adjust to your body type better, in training, eating, drugs, alcohol ect. JK Kid do not do drugs! unless they’re free… jk on that too, no drugs.

There’s 3 body types

  1. EctoMorph
  2. EndoMorph
  3. MesoMorph

Ectomorph are the type like me

  • skinny
  • Thin
  • Hard to put on the pounds (weight)
  • Hard to build muscle
  • And are shredded πŸ˜‰ have Little fat cuz they’re skinny

For these guys and for what i do is lift Heavy. Usually keeping my reps 6-12. and sometimes 1-5 reps more of a strength range. This will make the muscle grow (muscular hypertrophy) rest i usually keep it at around 1min. You can check out my previous write up How to make a Workout Routine #Basic to learn more πŸ™‚

Eating wise ectomorph will want to add calories to their recommended daily intake (eat more), keeping meals 3-4 hours apart if possible. I Also recommend looking at Nutrient Timing, What i use to Get my Gainz! write up here.

Endomorph next on the list

  • Usually Larger
  • More body fat
  • Gains weight easy
  • and Has a harder time losing weight

For These guys since their body type stores fat more they’ll want to do training that’ll keep their heart rate going, More volume (sets & reps) rest time between sets will be shorter 30 seconds or less. They’ll want more endurance type exercises like running, biking, hiking ect for at lease 20-30mins. You can Plan a work out using this Previous link πŸ™‚

As Far as how they should eat they want to Eat less Calories than Their Daily Caloric Intake is to burn fat, meals spaced out 3-4 hours but even amounts. the meals should also be more protein, than Carbs along with fats, fruits and veggies of course! Link is here.

Mesomorph the one a lot of people in the gym want to be

  • Gain muscle easy
  • body fat can stay low
  • have a nice athletic shape (nohomo)
  • Good Genetics
  • lose and gain weight easy
  • Pretty much the best of the other two in one

For the Mesomorph type of people They can Train Pretty much what ever way they want, depending on the goal. I think this is where people got the Thing of “Bulking” during the winter and “Cutting” for summer, to try and gain muscle and get shredded (lose fat) for the short shorts. So check out how to Plan a Routine for your specific goal here!

Diet for them Kinda the same thing as working out, if they want to gain they’ll just at to their caloric intake and if they want to lose they’ll just take away from their caloric intake. keeping it #Basic Click here.

Well those are the types, I Posted the links on each in case people just read their particular body type. Some other write up i Recommend to look up and download the pdf List of food for Free is right HERE <—–

So I hope you liked it and that it helps you out some, Comment below to share what body type you think you are, and Thanks for reading or watching make sure to subscribe/ follow and Enjoy!