Understand How to Align Your Personalities and Make Motivation Work.

Awhile back I was reaserching motivation because i was lacking motivation… pretty bad. I just sat on fb, insta, twiter, snapchat ect all day long, and would keep telling myself ok 5 more minutes and im done.

While reaserching how motivation work i came across this concept like twice, once from i think Tony ribbons went into it little if i recall right and the other was Owenย Cook, which really has helped me get shit done! ha so i hope this helps listen up (:

Starting out i want to exlain to you that we’re different personalities at certain times, and it splits into 3 catagories

  1. Higher self
  2. Day to Day Self
  3. Lower self

Higher self

who is all about your “purpose” on earth why you are alive for, could be spirital for some peopl. pretty much what is it that you’re best at and what can you bring that is your best and most to offer to socioty.

Day to Day Self

Is in the middle, you care about shit that need to get done like paying bill, going to work ect it is practical.

Lower self

Owen calls this your “Petty Self” its the one that envys, gets jelouse, cares about self image and proving yourself to other people.

So we switch through out these three through out the day or a mix of the three, the key thingย  is to Aline all 3 in the same dirrection of the goal you want to achive. This will give you the motivation to pursue whatever it is you’re after.

Example:You want to get in good shape and health

Higher self would be, you’re healthier so you perform better which in turn you can help other people better, you can think faster/clearer to help others as well, you can teach what you learned ect.

Day to Day would be, Perform a job more efficently, Not getting tired so you have energy to pay bills, clean ect.

Lower Self would be, show people how ripped as faaaakkk you are and have them mirin you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

the Lower Petty stuff actually usually helps people get started But! ***be careful not to live in just one of the three, even though the lower petty stuff is kinda a good motivator to start most people (try to use for good goals) it usualy is a short run.

Make it last

Like i said petty goals can get you started but wont last and keep you going. Day to day helps establish yourself by Higher self takes the focus off yourself and see what you can do for others is good, but you could stop caring for practical things like paying bills and getting shit done (day to day). So a line all three!!!

Last thing i want to include from Tony Robbins is what he talks about O.P.A

Outcome, Purpose, Action

Whats the outcome you want to happen, Why are you doing it (can tie in with 3 personalities), and What actual behaviors would have to happen every day to make it happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I hope this helps get your motivation in line and keep you motivated! enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do me a favor ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Comment what of the 3 Personalities probably give you the most trouble and what you could do to align them with the others.
  • Aaannndd Have a nice Motivated Monday!