Car Enthusiasts Meet help Raise Money for Families (Videos)

Some of you may know me and my Niggas go and hang out in the car scene a lot, we have fun hitting on girls and driving our cars. Some people I guess think we’re up to no good all the time haha but we actually like to help others and each other out, most of us at lease there’s still some dildo’s out there.

This past weekend march 7th we put together a car meet fund raiser!! for two families in need, the turn out was pretty fakin awsome! A lot more peple than most of us had expeded showed up to show support, it even ended up on the news! ๐Ÿ˜€

check out the link here: Car Enthusiasts Meet to Help Raise Money for Familiesย 

I think this kinda goes to show You can’t categorize People in one particular area, because even though there are some that cause problems the dildo’s (sometimes having fun and get in trouble) there’s usually a lot more that are willing to help. “It’s Hard to hate someone Once you Understand them.”

I myself took some video as well ย here it its check it ๐Ÿ˜€

Feel free to Comment what you Felt was a good Deed you or a group has done id like to hear them(: