What are Muscle Types? – How to Use to Get more Gainz!

There’s three different muscle types 1, 2, 2b or some call the last one 3, we’ll  call it 3 because it’s easier that way. The way you train will train the muscle type giving you a more specific result. Each type has a different characteristic. But all your muscles have all 3 just different amounts of it. So you’ll want to train both but focus on the majority type.

Type 1 fibers-

Are called Slow Twitching fibers they have more Endurance and more elasticity than type 2 this means it takes more volume (reps, sets) to wear these out. Just think of a marathon runner they keep working their muscles with long amounts of time running (volume), so they train more type 1 fibers.  These fibers use oxygen better over a longer period of time (aerobic). I think of the more skinny looking type

Type 2 fibers-

Are called Fast twitching fibers. They’re more for strength and velocity because they’re anaerobic (without oxygen) they use up ATP (adinosine triphosphate) and creatine for short burst that last like 8-10 seconds haha But the type 2 are the ones that grow more in size. These ones I think of a bodybuilder or Sprinter since they’re bigger in size.

Type 3 fibers-

dun dun dun The type 3 are the bad ass ones because they have characteristics of both! strength, velocity, speed, endurance, and elasticity! But they adapt more to the type of training you put they through. Meaning if you train them like type 1 they’ll be more like type 1, if you train them like 2 they’ll be more like type 2.

How to find out what type

Ima share the way I learned to find out what the majority of fibers you have in a muscle.

Lets say we are doing a Bicep Curl (can do this with any muscle) first you’ll want to warm up of course, then you are gonna find out your 1 rep max (weight you can only do once) example. 10lbs , then you take 80% of that example. 8lbs and do as many reps as you can using an isolated exercise (exercise that works just that one muscle).

If you get these reps. you’ll have more of these type fibers in that muscle

4-7 Reps – Fast twitching type 2 fibers

8-11 Reps- 50/50 type 1& 2 fibers

12 or more- Type 1 slow twitching fibers

How to train

So once you figure out what the majority of fiber types you have in a muscle you’ll want to train it more to that type.

Type 1 slow- Higher reps 12 or more , Short Rest 30secs- 1min , Higher Sets 4-6

Type 2 fast- Lower Reps 1-12, Rest 1-2mins, Sets 3-6

Type 3- Will Adapt to training

This is just a general outline But depending on the goal you want you’ll want will give you the sets, rep, and rest ranges you’ll need to get the goal. Check out this write up to figure out how. How to make a workout #Basic

Remember This is to get more specific on training that certain muscle to its type. So combining it with your workouts, goals, and the link above you’ll be training better for your goals 🙂

Side note: muscles that have to support you for a long time like Legs, Back have more type1 fibers, sometimes they wont be able to do much cuz they haven’t been trained either. . muscles that you don’t use much like chest, arms will have more type 2 usually. Hope this helps aanndd enjoy 😉


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