How to Pack the Scapula for Pushing and Pulling Movements (video)

Ok So This one I notice a lot of people do not do in the gym even more “advanced” guys when they bench, row or even just for other smaller exercises.

Packing the scapula is important because it lets you brace and create a foundation for the movment to come from, lets you use a specific muscle better and overall helps prevent injury as well.

why da fak are people not doing it? Most peple dont even know! haha even i didnt know, before i started studying to be a personal trainer. Note i just started lifting when i was little if you ever wonder how i got into this check out this vid.

How to:
Practice this on a wall or ground, lay down Pinch the shoulder blades together then pull them down. thats it! πŸ™‚
there will be some movement but ultimitly you want those shoulder baldes to stay in place. here’s a vid check it out tell me what you think in the comments (: so i can make better vids and have fun with it πŸ˜‰


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