How to Properly Squat |Use the Hams and Glutes (butt) to get that J-Lo booty

Heres something I dont think most people are using correctly in the gym, or even in every day activities.

this could help you improve your performance, prevent injury, and get a better booty and who doesnt like booty right πŸ˜‰

How to:
Little break down real quick, in your legs you have alot of muscles the back of your legs (hamstrings) the front of your legs (quads) and the Butt (glutes). each one of these you have to control correctly but most people just mainly using the quads.

You want to Pull backwards with the Hamstrings (back of legs), push forward with the Glutes (butt), and strighten the leg with the quads (front of legs).
with all these going at the same time you will work them more effectively and feel like you got super strength out of no where compared to before haha

Takes practice so just focus on those go kinda slow to really get it tuned in and work hard have fun πŸ™‚