FREE Beginner Personal Training book! till 4/29/15

I made a Book! (first one) and want to share it with everyone on here. I spent hours of my free time taking pics, typing it up, and editing notes into the pics ect.
I Love helping people, self improving, and fucking around at the same time. One of the reasons I made this book actually haha but like Owen cook, Elliot hulse, Tai lopez and others say is to always give, “give an amount that is a lil uncomfortable”- Tai. And this is my opportunity to give, so here you guys go!

I referenced this stuff from my personal trainer courses, so its pretty much all the basics a trainer would give you WITHOUT having to pay a lot of money, I know some guys are stand offish on wanting to spend money on things that wont benefit them right away so try this for free and understand investing in yourself if the best thing you can do!

Anyways hopes this helps you walk the path, succumb to the process whatever it is and learn the basics. One luv. -Uly


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