My Nigga UlySharing Knowledge that I learn for Self improvement from:

  • physical training
  • Books
  • Classes
  • Programs
  • Demonstrations
  • Experience and work that I do.

I’ve been training and helping others train for some years now. I was around the age 15 curling the only two dumbbells I had, because I wanted to get the girls (curls get the girls haha). Mostly due to the fact that it was the only thing I knew how to do from watching tv, kinda funny. I also played a lot of soccer before then, probably was more of a Mexican (cultural) thing it was fun.

Through all those years I started to do self study on how to exercise and apply it in real life, I even got into doing yoga, which was unexpected even for me! All this lead me to experiment to see what worked for me and what I liked. Soon enough I got result and people started asking me for tips & help.

I’ve also done Internship at physical therapy where I observed and helped physical therapist and assistance. Studied and finished with an associates degree from Stevens henager college in their medical program, and started to learn about personal training. I’ve also have gone to peoples homes to help them train, and am always looking for what to learn next to advance and in improve not just in training but in life. 🙂

So if you have question let me know and ill try to answer the best I can!


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